Jürgen Drescher first drew attention from the German art world for his work Drescher Bar (1981), in which he installed a functioning bar in a gallery space and called it art.

Working primarily in sculpture, Drescher is concerned with probing the tension between original and replica, and between reality and fiction. He recreates everyday found objects—such as benches, banisters, packing boxes, and discarded clothing—by casting them in aluminum, leaving all their wear and tear visible.

Working from drawings and sketches, Drescher also produces metal casts of animals, examining humanity’s relationship to the animal world through recreating their bodies. Other practice includes video, text, and performance works that reflect on the artist’s own existence, the art market, and the circulation of goods.

Another series of works from 2017 put our dealings with other animals and living creatures in question, which is also being further developed in the current series of works


Stelan Mergenthaler is an independent, multidisciplinary designer, artist, and lecturer. The sense of community, the concept of collaborative work, and the merge of ideas are ongoing topics in her work.

Mergenthaler is especially interested in exploring human interactions, in relation to the sexual, moral, and social aspects that the Western society has given it. Working with various forms of multi-sensory solutions, Stelan seeks for art and design to be perceived as a possibility to connect to the tangible world.

Hers is a socializing project, given that the main objective is to revalue a concept that has been privatized and surrounded by prejudices, searching to give recognition to what we take for granted, vindicating touch as a complete experience that is highly necessary.

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